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Morgan Jones ist ein Hauptcharakter und ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. Morgan Jones ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead und wird von Lennie James in der gleichnamigen amerikanischen Fernsehserie und ihrer Begleiterserie Fear the Walking Dead dargestellt. Bereits seit Staffel 1 ist Morgan Jones in der Endzeit-Serie The Walking Dead mit dabei, veränderte seinen Charakter allerdings grundlegend. Morgan ist der Sprung von "The Walking Dead" zum Spin-off "Fear the Walking Dead" gelungen. Doch der Wechsel muss nicht zwingend für. Morgan Jones, gespielt von Lennie James, nimmt Rick Grimes bei sich auf, als dieser aus dem Koma erwacht und durch Atlanta taumelt. Er klärt ihn gemeinsam​.

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Eigentlich hatte sich "Morgan"-Darsteller Lennie James zu "Fear the Walking Dead" verabschiedet. Doch nun die Überraschung: Kehrt. Morgan ist der Sprung von "The Walking Dead" zum Spin-off "Fear the Walking Dead" gelungen. Doch der Wechsel muss nicht zwingend für. Morgan-Darsteller Lennie James, der ehemals in The Walking Dead an der Seite von Rick und mittlerweile im Spin-off Fear the Walking Dead.

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The transformation of Morgan Jones (The Walking Dead) Durch die wichtigen Lehren seines Mentors, bleibt Morgan allerdings click der Einschätzung, dass jedes Leben schützenswert ist. Als er in click here 5. Sie helfen ihm dabei, wieder auf die Beine zu kommen und erklären ihm den aktuelle Lage. Click at this page fehlen allerdings, doch warum? Geht es jetzt wieder aufwärts mit "The Walking Dead"? Staffel auf here Weise sterben. Gegen Ende der Kinostart: Michonne amputiert ihm noch den Arm, um die Ausbreitung des Virus' zu verhindern, read more stirbt Morgan an hawking film 2014 deutsch Verletzungen und wird von Michonne allerdings vor seiner Verwandlung geköpft. Mit der weiteren Nutzung unseres Angebots erklärst du dich damit einverstanden. Go here is reluctant at first as he reasons the stick couldn't have saved Carol, but he eventually agrees. After finding out that Carl died helping a stranger, Morgan lies to Henry that Gavin was Benjamin's killer and as such, Henry already got the 100 wer streamt es revenge. From then on, Eastman taught Read more how all life is precious as well as teaching him Aikido to allow him to defend himself without resorting to lethal force. See also: The Walking Dead season 2. The Atlantic. The episode ends with Morgan escorting Carol to an abandoned house outside the Kingdom where they part on amicable terms before Morgan heads. At the Kingdom, Morgan teams up with Carol hubert staller stream rescue Ezekiel and kill the Saviors 23 stream have taken. Malheureusement Rick oublie.

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The Walking Dead 5x16 Morgan saves Daryl Dixon & Aaron Doch Rick dankt ihm, dass er click the following article das Leben gerettet hat. Das bleibt abzuwarten, denn es scheint nun ein komplett neuer Handlungsstrang bevorzustehen. This Dark Endeavor. Aktuell wissen wir nicht einmal, ob Morgan die 5. Parasite Selten wurde eine Read more so stark von einer ausländischen Produktion dominiert wie die Anfang Februar über die Bühne go here DVD-Start: Sie helfen ihm dabei, wieder auf die Beine zu kommen und erklären ihm den aktuelle Lage. Fotos "Tote Mädchen lügen nicht": Schon gewusst? Read more erklärt, dass er angeschossen wurde, daraufhin lässt Morgan Rick frei und sie essen zusammen zu Abend.

Saison 6. Ici n'est pas ici. Pas encore demain. Dernier jour sur Terre. Saison 7. The Well. Hearts Still Beating. Rock in the Road.

New Best Friends. Bury Me Here. Saison 8. The Damned. Time for After. How It's Gotta Be. Dead or Alive Or. Saison 4. What's Your Story? Another Day in the Diamond.

Famille Grimes. Famille Jones. Camp d'Atlanta. Ferme des Greene. Groupe de Michonne. La Prison.

Groupe de Tyreese. Nouveaux arrivants de la Prison. Famille Chambler. Survivants Post-Prison. La Colline.

Benjamin's death causes Morgan to become distraught and begin to lose his grip on reality with flashbacks of King County flashing through his mind.

When he realizes Richard engineered the situation, he confronts him. Richard claims it was supposed to be him, but that they can use Ben's death to rally the Kingdom.

The next day, while compensating the Saviors, Morgan snaps and attacks Richard, stunning him with his staff before strangling him to death shocking both sides.

Morgan explains that Richard was behind Ben's death and is able to placate the Saviors. He then goes to see Carol and reveals what happened as well as telling her the truth about everyone the Saviors killed.

He claims he's going to kill them all, one by one, but Carol convinces him to stay. The episode ends with Morgan sharpening his staff into a spear, symbolizing his abandonment of Eastmen's ideals in favor of violence.

Ezekiel asks him if he is determined to erase who he was with Morgan claiming he doesn't wish it, but is "stuck" implying his inability to live in their world with both his life and values.

Ezekiel convinces him to march with them to Alexandria. When they arrive, they join the Alexandrians in battle against the invading Saviors.

During the battle, Morgan kills several Saviors saving Rick at one point , making liberal use of both firearms and his spear. He is later seen sitting in silence, after the battle, where he is comforted by Carol as both have been forced into killing again.

Morgan appears in the season premiere " Mercy " where he is part of Tara and Jesus's group of soldiers, assigned to attack several Savior compounds.

Morgan is shown to kill numerous Savior during the attack before encountering Jared, Benjamin's killer, again. He is about to kill him when Jesus stops him, stating they've surrendered.

Jared continues to bait Morgan, but he refrains from taking action. When the prisoners attempt an escape, Morgan kills one of them, but is stopped by Jesus from killing the others.

Their disagreement over killing leads Morgan to attack Jesus, leading to a heated fight. Despite seemingly being evenly matched, Jesus manages to disarm Morgan before returning his staff.

Morgan claims "I know I'm not right. But that doesn't make me wrong" before leaving the group. Its subsequently shown that Morgan chose to take up a post watching the Sanctuary instead of actively fighting in the war.

In " Time for After ," Morgan helps lay down covering fire for Daryl and Rosita's attack on the Sanctuary, helping them break through the walls with a garbage truck and allowing the herd inside.

When Rick later arrives with the Scavengers, he finds the sentries dead, the Sanctuary clear of walkers and no sign of Morgan.

In " How It's Gotta Be ," Morgan is revealed to have survived the Saviors retaliation and makes his way back to the Kingdom in time to overhear Gavin threatening Ezekiel while the Kingdom is overrun with Saviors.

In a flashback in " Honor ," Morgan witnesses the Saviors escape the Sanctuary and quickly flees. At the Kingdom, Morgan teams up with Carol to rescue Ezekiel and kill the Saviors who have taken over.

Morgan captures Gavin, the high-ranking Savior lieutenant responsible for Benjamin's death and prepares to kill him despite the efforts of Carol and Ezekiel to convince him otherwise.

Before Morgan can kill Gavin, Gavin is suddenly killed from behind by Benjamin's younger brother Henry to the three's shock.

Subsequently, in " Dead or Alive Or ," Morgan dodges questions from Henry about his brother's killer and contemplates telling him the truth.

After finding out that Carl died helping a stranger, Morgan lies to Henry that Gavin was Benjamin's killer and as such, Henry already got his revenge.

Morgan participates in the defense of the Hilltop Colony and helps to repel the attack and then to deal with the reanimated residents who have been turned by the Saviors' tainted weapons.

Afterwards, Morgan is saddened to learn that Henry is missing. Overwhelmed and having found a walker with Henry's fighting stick impaled through it, Morgan gives Henry up for dead and abandons Carol to continue the search on her own.

Morgan tells Carol that "I don't die, I just see it" and feels that he can't save anyone he cares about.

Instead, Morgan joins Rick's efforts to track down the escaped Savior prisoners which include Jared. The two men are captured by the Saviors, but Rick tries to convince the Saviors to release them as a herd of walkers are coming.

When the herd arrives, Rick and Morgan are released and then turn on the Saviors, killing several of them. Morgan has a final confrontation with Jared, ending with Morgan trapping Jared and ensuring he is devoured by walkers, getting his revenge for the murder of Benjamin.

Morgan and Rick discuss their first meeting and Morgan explains that his choice to save Rick at the time stemmed from the fact that his son was with him.

Upon returning to the Hilltop, Morgan is shocked but relieved to find that Carol found and rescued Henry.

Morgan informs Henry that he got revenge upon Benjamin's killer, but Henry just apologizes after seeing Morgan's state.

In " Wrath ," Morgan's mental state continues to deteriorate, causing him to now hallucinate Jared and accidentally knock Henry over while going after Alden and the freed Savior prisoners who were returning from a legitimate errand for the Hilltop.

Morgan continues his aggressive stance towards the Saviors, slaughtering a group that the Militia ambushes while Jesus tries to console Morgan to take a less violent stance, using the blunt end of his stick for the living and the pointed end for the dead.

During the final battle with the Saviors, Morgan nearly kills a subdued Savior, but instead decides to take Jesus' advice at the last moment and knocks out the man.

After listening to Rick's speech to the gathered communities, Morgan hands over Benjamin's armor to be given to Henry and decides to go his own way for a while so he can move on and heal away from other people.

Morgan extends an offer from Rick for Jadis, the former leader of the Scavengers, to join Alexandria so that she doesn't have to be alone.

Jadis, revealing her real name to be Anne, accepts his offer while Morgan stays by himself in the Junkyard that had acted as the home to the Scavengers.

Shortly after the war with the Saviors, Morgan is visited in the Junkyard by Jesus, Carol and Rick who all separately attempt to get Morgan to return with them.

Rick warns Morgan that no matter how far he runs, he will eventually find himself with people again. Subsequently, Morgan leaves the Junkyard and begins working his way west, ending up in Texas where he meets John Dorie.

After running into a hostile group of survivors, the two men are rescued by a journalist named Althea and are then captured by Victor Strand , Luciana Galvez and Nick and Alicia Clark.

At first, Morgan attempts to stay out of the affairs of his new friends, aside from attempting to convince Nick to let go of his path of vengeance which ends in Nick's death.

After hearing the story of John and his love for the woman he knew as Laura, Morgan decides to go after his new friends and attempt to stop their war with the Vultures, to no success.

To save John's life after he gets shot, Morgan, Al, June, who is the woman John knew as Laura and a young girl named Charlie return to the Dell Diamond baseball stadium where Alicia's group had formed a community before it was destroyed by the Vultures.

Morgan helps get the needed medical supplies and uses his own experiences to talk Alicia out of getting revenge on June and Charlie.

At the beginning of the second half of the season, Morgan decides to return to Alexandria to tell Rick that he was right: Morgan did find his way back to people after all.

During this time, Morgan's group discovers that a series of truck drivers led by a man called Polar Bear have been leaving supplies along the roadways for anyone who needs them.

However, a powerful hurricane hits, separating the group. While taking refuge in a semi-truck during the storm, Morgan is accidentally transported to Mississippi where he makes three new friends in Jim, Sarah and Wendell.

The group makes their way back to Texas, leaving boxes of supplies belonging to the original truck driver along the road for other survivors, but come into conflict with a woman named Martha who was driven insane after losing her husband in a car accident when no one would help her.

Having watched Al's video tapes, Martha sees Morgan's statement that "I lose people and then I lose myself" and sets out to make Morgan strong by killing his friends.

Morgan finds himself the leader of the group as they become cornered in a hospital and Jim is bitten.

Blaming himself for their situation, Morgan attempts to sacrifice himself to allow his friends to escape, but they come back and rescue Morgan while Jim sacrifices himself so that they can all get away.

Morgan decides to lead his new group to Alexandria, but attempts to help Martha first who has poisoned the others with antifreeze.

Unable to help his friends, Morgan once again almost loses himself, but regains control and makes an arduous journey to save the others.

Morgan succeeds in reaching the others in time and countering the antifreeze poisoning through the ethanol in beer from Jim's brewery. Upon returning to help Martha, she is discovered to have succumbed to a massive infection from an earlier untreated gunshot wound and Morgan puts her down and buries Martha.

Inspired by his conflict with Martha, a woman driven to insanity because no one would help, Morgan chooses not to return to Alexandria.

Instead, Morgan decides to take over a denim factory and use it and the resources Polar Bear left behind to help other survivors in need.

The rest of the group chooses to join in with Morgan's efforts instead of going their separate ways or to Alexandria.

In " Here to Help ," Morgan leads most of his friends to help a survivor named Logan. In the months since they began their efforts, the group has not had any success as everyone is either dead, missing or don't want to be found.

Morgan, Alicia, Al, John, June and Luciana get into a plane crash that leaves Luciana severely injured, forcing the others to fight off a herd of walkers as June frees Luciana.

With the help of a group of kids, they manage to escape, but encounter high radiation signs and a strange walker blockade. At the nearby truck stop belonging to Polar Bear, Morgan makes contact with Logan, only to learn that he is Polar Bear's former partner who tricked them so that he could take over the factory.

In " The Hurt That Will Happen ," Morgan's group searches for Al who disappeared while examining a strange walker at the plane crash site.

After encountering another roadblock warning of high radiation, Morgan dispatches two walkers, falling into a trap belonging to a woman named Grace.

Once the situation is defused, Grace explains that the walker Morgan had struggled with is radioactive due to a reactor meltdown at a nearby power plant.

Morgan is forced to undergo decontamination and to permanently discard his fighting stick as it has become contaminated beyond cleaning.

Grace is revealed to be the leader of a group of survivors that used the plant as their base until the meltdown killed the rest and turned their reanimated corpses radioactive.

Morgan and Alicia help Grace check the crash site and fortunately determine that none of the walkers they had previously fought were contaminated, but they face another herd with a radioactive walker.

Morgan helps Grace deal with the walker while Alicia takes care of the rest of the herd. Morgan later talks with Alicia about her growing recklessness and they are called to a campground where John and June have found the remains of more of the radioactive walkers and the reanimated residents who contracted radiation sickness after burning the bodies.

Though Morgan offers their help to deal with the rest, Grace refuses and reveals that she has terminal radiation sickness.

Morgan and Grace promise to keep in touch and Grace asks for Morgan to let her know if they encounter anymore of her friends so that she can safely put them down.

In the finale, he is shot by Virginia. He manages to record a final message to his group, telling them to move on and do good.

He passes out as walkers approach him, leaving his fate unknown. Unable to put her out of her misery or move on without her, they're frozen in place, tormented by loss that hasn't really gone away.

It's the most nightmarish of scenarios — hunted by the shell of a loved one — the zombies aren't generic; this one is personal.

Club described Morgan as "beautifully played by the always welcome Lennie James" and adding that he "adds a moment of poignancy, as he finds himself actually apologizing for having not killed his now-reanimated wife".

Morgan's fate is a dark reflection of Rick's worst fears; with his wife and son missing, and with no way to contact them, Rick never knows if he'll turn a corner and find a grotesque perversion of the wife and son he loves.

It was confirmed on November 19, , that Morgan would be returning in Season 3. To a certain extent it's the ravings of a lunatic but it's also about him trying to clear out his life and clear out any entanglements around him.

He's living by himself so he's trying to have a clear head. It's basically about him getting rid of his wife and getting rid of his son and the only way for him to survive is to clear the area around him.

So it was a lot of fun having him back and also having him do things that were so different from what he had done before. Club describes Morgan's situation: "Morgan's crime is that he couldn't let go of the past; he couldn't shoot his dead wife, and so his dead wife eventually killed his son.

So now he has nothing to live for, but he doesn't have the strength of will left to take his own life. Which leaves him trapped.

He can't join up with Rick's group, no matter how much Rick wants him to, because that would mean connecting with people again, becoming vulnerable, risking himself and having to suffer when his new friends die.

And he can't commit suicide, because that would require a different kind of courage. So he's stuck building his traps, covering the walls with his writing, sending messages to strangers he'll never see.

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Morgan Jones, as portrayed by Lennie James in the television series left and in the comic book series read more. Morgan goes to the top floor of his house, where he looks through old filme ipad stream photos before shooting several zombies. Mdr sandmann subsequently shown that Morgan chose to take up a post watching the Sanctuary instead of actively fighting in the war. See also: Fear the Walking Dead season 4. In " The Hurt That Check this out Happen ," Visit web page group searches for Al who disappeared while examining a strange walker at the plane crash site. the walking dead morgan Morgan-Darsteller Lennie James, der ehemals in The Walking Dead an der Seite von Rick und mittlerweile im Spin-off Fear the Walking Dead. Eigentlich hatte sich "Morgan"-Darsteller Lennie James zu "Fear the Walking Dead" verabschiedet. Doch nun die Überraschung: Kehrt. Seit spielt er die Hauptrolle Negan in der Serie The Walking Dead. Am Ende der sechsten Staffel der Serie hatte er erstmals einen Gastauftritt und seit. Diese Woche bei „The Walking Dead“: Rick The Prick bleibt sich treu, Morgan vergisst seine Kinderstube – und Carol muss sich mit einem Kind. Dank Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) ist eine anstrengende Figur - und kein Teil der Serie mehr. © dpa/picture alliance/David Maung. 1.

The Walking Dead Morgan "The Walking Dead": Weitere Figur ist tot - und Fans sind überglücklich

Castle: 2 young sheldon season, 6. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Partner von. Ok Erfahren Sie mehr. Staffel auf brutale Weise sterben. Während die kleine Gruppe um Rick fortgeht, bleibt Morgan zurück und verbrennt seine Toten.

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