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Willow Rosenberg ist eine fiktive Figur, die für die Fantasy-Fernsehserie Buffy the Vampire Slayer geschaffen wurde. Sie wurde von Joss Whedon entwickelt und in der gesamten TV-Serie von Alyson Hannigan porträtiert. Willow Danielle Rosenberg ist eine Hexe aus Sunnydale, Kalifornien. Sie gehört gemeinsam mit der. Willow Danielle Rosenberg ist ein fiktiver Charakter für die Fantasy - TV - Serie erstellt Buffy the Vampire Slayer (). Sie wurde entwickelt von Joss. Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) ist Buffys beste Freundin und erlebt eine unglaubliche Entwicklung vom schüchternen Mauerblümchen bis zur mächtigen​. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Willow Rosenberg in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller.

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May 24, - Willow Danielle Rosenberg was a witch native to Sunnydale, California, a founding member of the Scooby Gang, and the best friend and. Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) ist Buffys beste Freundin und erlebt eine unglaubliche Entwicklung vom schüchternen Mauerblümchen bis zur mächtigen​. Willow rosenberg Alyson Hannigan, Fandoms, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Joss Whedon, Willow Danielle Rosenberg was a witch native to Sunnydale, California.

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After the conclusion of season 8, Buffy destroys an object known as the Seed of Wonder which is responsible for supplying the world with magic, which leaves Willow powerless.

Willow also ends her relationship with Kennedy feeling guilty over her feelings for Aluwyn, who she can not communicate with. In season 9, Willow is bent on restoring magic into the world.

She has a dream which directs her to use the Scythe, as well as Connor, Angle's son, as instruments to send her to an alternate dimension where she can figure out how to restore magic.

Once in an alternate dimension, she is able to access magic and travel between different dimensions. She returns to her world, where she learns that magic has been restored and that it is able to be used by all.

In the final arc of season 9, Willow travels to San Francisco and uses her restored abilities to bring Dawn out of a coma, but Dawn is still close to death.

Once inside she begins to charge with power and starts to turn red. She thinks the magic may be enough to restore the whole world.

Buffy is worried Willow appears to be becoming Dark again, but Willow says it is and always was just her and the two mend the rift that was between them ever since the end of magic.

Willow is able to convince Buffy to trust her, and to leave the magical side of the conflict in her hands while Buffy faces Simone. Willow sacrifices her powers to create a new Seed of magic which will save the world but not until the next millennium.

Severin is unable to turn back time with his powers and is convinced to attempt to transfer his energy to the new Seed which might restore magic immediately.

As the Scoobies evacuate, Buffy dusts Simone who had became a vampire, and Severin explodes seemingly killing himself, but restoring magic.

Willow returns everyone to San Francisco and uses magic and Buffy's blood to restore Dawn. Willow can sense something in the world is different and the effects of humans being sired into vampires are shown to have drastically changed.

Vamp Willow appears in "The Wish" and "Doppelgangland". She dresses provocative and is aggressive, opposite of Willow Rosenberg's temperament.

It is hinted that Vamp Willow is gay or at least bisexual, which foreshadows Willow's later coming out at a lesbian herself.

In "Dopplegangland", Willow says "That's me as a vampire? I'm so evil and skanky. And I think I'm kinda gay. A shadow of Dark Willow appears in the season five episode "Though Love", but does not come into full force until the final three episodes of the sixth season when Willow reverts to this persona completely in rage of vengeance over Tara's death by Warren Mears.

Joss Whedon received negative criticism by fans who thought he killed Tara because she was a lesbian.

Whedon, however, assured that Tara's death was rooted in homophobia, but because he need a legitimate reason for Willow to go over the edge with her struggle with addiction to magic.

Whedon planned to have Tara brought back in the seventh season, however, Amber Benson was unable to film due to a conflicting schedule.

Following the events from the sixth season, Willow struggles to allow herself to use powerful magic because doing so would draw out aspects of Dark Willow.

In the series finale, Willow channels the essence of the Scythe to empower all of the Potential Slayers.

Ironically, using magic of that potentcy didn't draw out Dark Willow, but created a new persona which appeared as a goddess-like Willow with glowing white hair.

Willow's earliest and most consistent relationships were with Buffy and Xander, who she identifies as her best friends.

Willow takes Buffy's place when she is unavailable and her growing powers make her sometimes resent being positioned as Buffy's sidekick.

Willow's crush on Xander created future conflict for she, Xander, Oz and Cordelia. In the quadrent of the Scoobies, Willow represents spirit; Giles, intelligence; Xander, heart; and Buffy, strength.

Although they sometimes drift apart, they are forced to come together and work to fight against unknowable evils in Sunnydale.

Willow's first genunie relationship was with Daniel Osbourne, or as everyone refered to him, Oz. They meet in the second season and Willow's lack of self-confidence causes their relationship to progress very slowly.

In this season, Oz is bitten by a werewolf and becomes one himself. Willow is excited about her relationship with Oz.

As she is so spastic and perky, Oz is calm and cool. In the third season, Willow and Xander have a private affair, which comes to light eventually, causing Willow and Oz to breifly separate.

After sorting out their differences, they reunite. Willow loses her virginity to Oz the day before graduation in season three.

Their relationship continues into the fourth season, with both of them in college. As the season progresses, Oz meets a fellow werewolf named Veruca, who clearly is attracted to him.

Oz trys to fight his feelings for Veruca, but finds it impossible to do so when the full moon rises and the two transform together, completely forgetting what happened the night before.

Veruca wants Oz to be wild and free during his transformation, but Oz believes it's better for everyone is he is continually restrained on the nights the moon is full.

Oz and Veruca's passionate relationship becomes evident to Willow and subsequently ends their relationship. Oz leaves Sunnydale and travels the world seeking self-control and peace.

During this time, Willow continues to embrace her Wiccan identity and meets fellow witch, Tara Maclay. As the fourth season progresses, Willow and Tara's relationship becomes more than just a friendly one.

Oz returns to Sunnydale, hoping to rekindle things with Willow and she is presented with a choice: Tara or Oz.

After deep thinking and consulting with Buffy, Willow chooses Tara and Oz leaves Sunnydale once again.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer becomes internationally infamous for its unabashed exploration of lesbianism between Willow and Tara.

Prior to, Whedon and the writing department had been exploring the idea of making one of the characters homosexual. Xander was one of their first considerations.

In , the Boston Herald called Buffy the Vampire Slayer "the most gay show on network TV this year" despite having no openly gay characters at that time.

Willow meets Tara in the episode "Hush", intially bonding over a mutual interest in witchcraft. Willow and Tara's lesbian relationship was presented in a round about way.

There was an obvious indication that the two were in fact romantically involved, but their relationship was never concretized until Oz returned to Sunnydale and Willow was forced to choose between the two.

Willow and Tara's relationship continues on in the fifth season, where they share their first kiss together. Near the end of the fifth season, Willow and Tara have their first conflict.

Although Tara denies this, Glory believes she is lying. Once she figures out that she is not the Key, she uses her powers to make Tara insane.

Willow attempts to retaliate using dark magic, but she is no match for Glory. Willow spends the remainder of the fifth season dealing with the newly-insane Tara, who inadvertantly reveals to Glory that Buffy's younger sister, Dawn, is the Key.

In the season finale, Willow discovers a spell that transfers Tara's insanity into Glory, weakening her enough for Giles to kill her.

The sixth season is perhaps the most terbulent period in Willow and Tara's relationship. Willow begins to overuse magic, which upsets Tara.

They begin to have fights over the matter, so Willow uses a charm to make Tara forget. Willow fails at this and Tara breaks up with her.

Willow then becomes addicted to magic and Dawn is nearly killed in the proccess. At this point, Willow swears off magic for good. She and Tara then reunite.

As the sixth season draws to a close, Tara is killed by a stray bullet fired by Warren Mears, meant for Buffy. Willow attempts a spell to bring Tara back, but she cannot be revived.

Willow then resorts to dark magic to exact reveange upon Warren. Warren manages to fight Willow off, but she ultimately flays him alive and burns his corpse.

As she ascends deeper and deeper into her greif, the dark magic she is using begins to consume her. She trys to resurrect a Satanic temple to end the world, but Xander stops her and revives her from her surge of darkness.

Her abilities to hack computer systems and retrieve information not accessable to civilians allowed the Scooby Gang to acquire information about people and events in Sunnydale, which they used to solve supernatural mysteries.

In the second season, Willow acquired her computer teacher's spellbooks to find the spell she once used to restore Angel's soul. During Willow's first attempt at the spell, a gang of demons attacked and Willow was left severely injured, however, she successuflly restored his soul later on in the season.

By the third season, Willow was reading more into witchcraft and magic. She also began to manifest powers, like telekinesis.

Her spells, for the most part, fell through or otherwise went awry. Beginning in the fourth season, Willow meets Tara Maclay, who is also a witch.

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Willow vs Cordelia - Angel sᴅ Schau dir unsere Auswahl an willow rosenberg an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. Willow rosenberg Alyson Hannigan, Fandoms, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Joss Whedon, Willow Danielle Rosenberg was a witch native to Sunnydale, California. - Dirk Reibe hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. May 24, - Willow Danielle Rosenberg was a witch native to Sunnydale, California, a founding member of the Scooby Gang, and the best friend and. Dekonstruktion von Heteronormativität in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Manuel Simbürger. Willows starke Veränderungen gehen über ein herkömmliches character.

Willow Rosenberg is a fictional character created for the fantasy television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Willow plays an integral role within the inner circle of friends—called the Scooby Gang—who support Buffy Summers Sarah Michelle Gellar , a teenager gifted with superhuman powers to defeat vampires, demons, and other evil in the fictional town of Sunnydale.

The series begins as Buffy, Willow, and their friend Xander Nicholas Brendon are in 10th grade and Willow is a shy, nerdy girl with little confidence.

She has inherent magical abilities and begins to study witchcraft; as the series progresses, Willow becomes more sure of herself and her magical powers become significant.

Her dependence on magic becomes so consuming that it develops into a dark force that takes her on a redemptive journey in a major story arc when she becomes the sixth season's main villain, threatening to destroy the world in a fit of grief and rage.

The Buffy series became extremely popular and earned a devoted fanbase; Willow's intelligence, shy nature, and vulnerability often resounded strongly with viewers in early seasons.

Of the core characters, Willow changes the most, becoming a complex portrayal of a woman whose powers force her to seek balance between what is best for the people she loves and what she is capable of doing.

Her character stood out as a positive portrayal of a Jewish woman and at the height of her popularity, she fell in love with another woman, a witch named Tara Maclay Amber Benson.

They became one of the first lesbian couples on U. Despite not being a titular character, Willow Rosenberg holds the distinction of having the second largest number of appearances on episodes of Buffy and the spin-off series Angel.

Alyson Hannigan appeared as Willow in all episodes of Buffy , as well as guest appearances in three episodes of the spinoff Angel , for a total of on-screen appearances over the course of both series.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer often simplified as Buffy was originally conceived by Joss Whedon for a feature film.

However, in its development Whedon felt it lost some of the quirkiness he considered was the heart of the project, and it was not received as well as he liked.

He began to develop for television the concept of a fashion-conscious girl named Buffy, who is imbued with superhuman abilities and attends a high school situated on a portal to hell.

A half-hour pilot was filmed starring Riff Regan as Willow, but it was eventually left unaired and network executives requested that Regan be replaced.

Willow's character demanded that she be shy and unsure of herself, and the casting department encountered some difficulty finding actors who could portray this effectively and still be likable.

She later stated in an interview, "I didn't want to do Willow as someone who's feeling sorry for herself. Especially in the first season, she couldn't talk to guys, and nobody liked her.

I was like, 'I don't want to play somebody who's down on herself. In the beginning of the series, Hannigan used her own experiences in high school—which she called "overwhelmingly depressing" [4] —to guide her portrayal of Willow: "My theory on high school was, get in, get out and hopefully I won't get hurt.

Basically it was a miserable experience, because you're a walking hormone in this place that is just so cruel.

There were times that were OK, but it's not the little myth that high school is the best years of your life. No way. And Alyson has that.

She definitely has a loopiness I found creeping into the way Willow talked, which was great. To an extent, all the actors conform to the way I write the character, but it really stands out in Willow's case.

The Buffy television series first aired mid-season in March , almost immediately earning positive critical reviews.

She grows faint at the sight of monsters, but quickly forms a friendship with Buffy and is revealed to have grown up with Xander Nicholas Brendon.

They are mentored by the school librarian who is also Buffy's Watcher , Rupert Giles Anthony Stewart Head , who often works closely with Willow in researching the various monsters the group encounters.

Joss Whedon found that Hannigan was especially gifted reacting with fear calling her the "king of pain" and viewers responded strongly when she was placed in danger, needing to be rescued by Buffy.

Willow in various predicaments became common in early episodes. In the second season when the characters are in 11th grade, Willow becomes more sure of herself, standing up to the conceited Cordelia Chase Charisma Carpenter , and approaching Xander, on whom she has had a crush for years, although it is unrequited as Xander is in love with Buffy.

Seth Green joined the cast during the second season as Oz , a high school senior who becomes a werewolf , and Willow's primary romantic interest.

The show's popularity by early was evident to the cast members, and Hannigan remarked on her surprise specifically.

She really is what a lot of high-schoolers are like, with that awkwardness and shyness, and all those adolescent feelings.

At the end of the second season, Willow begins to study magic following the murder of the computer teacher and spell caster Jenny Calendar Robia LaMorte.

Willow is able to perform a complicated spell to restore the soul of Angel David Boreanz , a vampire who is also Calendar's murderer and Buffy's boyfriend.

During the third season three episodes explore Willow's backstory and foreshadow her development. In " Gingerbread ", her home life is made clearer: Sunnydale falls under the spell of a demon who throws the town's adults into a moral panic, and Willow's mother Sheila Jordan Baker is portrayed as a career-obsessed academic who is unable to communicate with her daughter, eventually trying to burn Willow at the stake for being involved in witchcraft; [14] her father is never featured.

In " The Wish " a vengeance demon named Anya Emma Caulfield grants Cordelia's wish that Buffy never came to Sunnydale, showing what would happen if it were overrun with vampires.

In this alternate reality, Willow is an aggressively bisexual vampire. In a related episode, " Doppelgangland ", Willow meets "Vamp Willow", who dresses provocatively and flirts with her.

Willow chooses to attend college with Buffy in Sunnydale although she is accepted to prestigious schools elsewhere. Her relationships with Buffy and Xander become strained as they try to find their place following high school.

Willow becomes much more confident in college, finally finding a place that respects her intellect, while Buffy has difficulty in classes and Xander does not attend school.

Willow's relationship with her boyfriend, Oz, continues until a female werewolf appears on the scene, aggressively pursuing him, and he leaves town to learn how to control the wolf within.

She becomes depressed and explores magic more deeply, often with powerful but inconsistent results. She joins the campus Wicca group, meeting Tara Maclay, for whom she immediately feels a strong attraction.

Willow adapts to her newfound sexual identity, eventually falling in love with and choosing to be with Tara, even when Oz returns to Sunnydale after apparently getting his lycanthropic tendencies under control.

Each season the Scoobies face a villain they call the Big Bad. In the fifth season, this is a goddess named Glory Clare Kramer that Buffy is unable to fight by herself.

The writers of the series often use elements of fantasy and horror as metaphors for real-life conflicts. The series' use of magic, as noted by religion professor Gregory Stevenson, neither promotes nor denigrates Wiccan ideals and Willow rejects Wiccan colleagues for not practicing the magic she favors.

Throughout the series, magic is employed to represent different ideas -— relationships, sexuality, ostracism, power, and particularly for Willow, addiction -— that change between episodes and seasons.

The ethical judgment of magic, therefore, lies in the results: performing magic to meet selfish needs or neglecting to appreciate its power often ends disastrously.

Using it wisely for altruistic reasons is considered a positive act on the series. Through witchcraft, Willow becomes the only member of the group to cause damage to Glory.

She reveals that the spells she casts are physically demanding, giving her headaches and nosebleeds. When Glory assaults Tara, making her insane, Willow, in a magical rage that causes her eyes to turn black, finds Glory and battles her.

She does not come from the battle unscathed after all, Glory is a goddess and Willow "just" a very powerful witch and must be assisted by Buffy, but her power is evident and surprising to her friends.

The final episode of the fifth season sees Willow restoring Tara's sanity and crucially weakening Glory in the process. It also features Buffy's death, sacrificing herself to save the world.

Fearing that Buffy is in hell, Willow suggests at the beginning of the sixth season that she be raised from the dead. In a dark ceremony in which she expels a snake from her mouth, Willow performs the magic necessary to bring Buffy back.

She is successful, but Buffy keeps it secret that she believes she was in heaven. Willow's powers grow stronger; she uses telepathy which her friends find intrusive, and she begins to cast spells to manipulate Tara.

After Willow fails Tara's challenge to go for one week without performing magic, Tara leaves her, and for two episodes Willow descends into addiction that almost gets Dawn killed.

Willow goes for months without any magic, helping Buffy track three geeks called The Trio who grandiosely aspire to be supervillains.

In an explosion of rage and grief, Willow soaks up all the dark magic she can, which turns her hair and eyes black.

In the final episodes of the season Willow becomes exceedingly strong, surviving unharmed when Warren hits her in the back with an axe.

She hunts Warren, tortures him by slowly pushing a bullet into his body, then kills him by magically flaying him.

Unsatisfied, she attempts to kill the other two members of the Trio but is unsuccessful due to her weakening power. She solves this problem by killing her 'dealer' from earlier in the season and draining him of his magic.

When she is confronted by Buffy they begin to fight, only to be stopped by Giles who has borrowed magic from a coven of wiccans.

Willow successfully drains him of this borrowed magic, fulfilling his plan and causing her to feel all the pain of everyone in the world.

The seventh season starts with Willow in England, unnerved by her power, studying with a coven near Giles' home to harness it.

She fears returning to Sunnydale and what she is capable of doing if she loses control again, a fear that dogs her the whole season.

Buffy and the Scoobies face the First Evil , bent on ending the Slayer line and destroying the world. Potential Slayers from around the globe congregate at Buffy's home and she trains them to battle the First Evil.

Willow continues to face her grief over Tara's death and, reluctantly, becomes involved with one of the Potentials, Kennedy Iyari Limon.

In the final episode of the series, " Chosen ", Buffy calls upon Willow to perform the most powerful spell she has ever attempted.

With Kennedy nearby, cautioned to kill her if she becomes out of control, Willow infuses every Potential Slayer in the world with the same powers Buffy and Faith have.

The spell momentarily turns her hair white and makes her glow—Kennedy calls her "a goddess"—and it ensures that Buffy and the Potentials defeat the First Evil.

Through the gamut of changes Willow endures in the series, Buffy studies scholar Ian Shuttleworth states that Alyson Hannigan's performances are the reason for Willow's popularity: "Hannigan can play on audience heartstrings like a concert harpist As an actress she is a perfect interpreter in particular of the bare emotional directness which is the specialty of [series writer Marti] Noxon on form.

Subsequent to Buffy ' s television finale, Dark Horse Comics collaborated with Joss Whedon to produce a canonical comic book continuation of the series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight —11 , written by Whedon and many other writers from the television series.

Unfettered by the practical limitations of casting or a television special effects budget, Season Eight explores more fantastic storylines, characters, and abilities for Willow.

Willow's cover art is done by Jo Chen , and Georges Jeanty and Karl Moline produce character artwork and provide alternative covers. Willow appears to Buffy and Xander, who are in charge of thousands of Slayers, a year after the destruction of Sunnydale.

Willow reveals a host of new abilities including being able to fly and absorbing others' magic to deconstruct it. It explores the time she took away to discover more about her magical powers, under the tutelage of a half-woman half-snake demon named Aluwyn.

Willow is still involved with Kennedy through Season Eight , but becomes intimate with Aluwyn while they are together.

She also continues to deal with grief from Tara's death, and struggles with the dark forces of magic that put her in opposition to Buffy.

From the inception of Willow's character in the first season, she is presented with contradictions. Bookish, rational, naive, and sometimes absent-minded, she is also shown being open to magic, aggressively boyish, and intensely focused.

Willow is malleable, in continuous transition more so than any other Buffy character. She is, however, consistently labeled as dependable and reliable by the other characters and thus to the audience, making her appear to be stable.

In Willow's dream, she moves from an intimate moment painting a love poem by Sappho on Tara's bare back, [note 1] to attending the first day of drama class to learn that she is to be in a play performed immediately for which she does not know the lines or understand.

The dream presents poignant anxieties about how she appears to others, not belonging, and the consequences of people finding out her true self.

As Willow gives a book report in front of her high school class, she discovers herself wearing the same mousy outfit she wore in the first episode of the show " Welcome to the Hellmouth " as her friends and classmates shout derisively at her, and Oz and Tara whisper intimately to each other in the audience.

She is attacked and strangled by the First Slayer as the class ignores her cries for help. Long a level-headed character who sacrifices her own desires for those of her friends, she gradually abandons these priorities to be more independent and please herself.

She is often shown making choices that allow her to acquire power or knowledge and avoid emotional conflict.

Willow enjoys power she is unable to control. She steals to accomplish her vocational goals and rationalizes her amoral behavior.

This also manifests itself in a competitive streak and she accuses others who share their concerns that she uses magic for selfish purposes of being jealous.

No longer the conscience of the Scooby Gang, Willow cedes this role to Tara then revels in breaking more rules. Contradicting the characterization of Willow's issues with magic as addiction, Buffy essayist Jacqueline Lichtenberg writes "Willow is not addicted to magic.

Willow is addicted to the surging hope that this deed or the next or the next will finally assuage her inner pain. Vamp Willow appears in the third season episodes " The Wish " and " Doppelgangland ".

She is capricious and aggressive, the opposite of Willow's usual nature; her bad behavior so exaggerated that it does not instill fear into the viewer like other female vampires in the series, but indicates more about Willow's personality.

Shocked upon seeing her alter ego in "Doppelgangland", Willow states "That's me as a vampire? I'm so evil and skanky.

And I think I'm kinda gay! Many Buffy fans saw this as a funny Easter egg when Willow revealed herself to actually be lesbian in later seasons.

Both Willows make the observation that "this world's no fun", [35] before they send Vamp Willow back into the alternate dimension from which she came, whereupon she is staked and dies immediately.

A shadow of Dark Willow appears to fight Glory in the fifth season episode " Tough Love ", but she does not come into full force until the sixth season in " Villains ", " Two to Go ", and " Grave ".

The transition from Willow into Dark Willow, precipitated by Tara's immediate death when she is shot through the heart, was ambiguously received by audiences, many of whom never foresaw Willow's psychic break.

She changes visually when she walks into the Magic Box, a store owned by Giles, telekinetically retrieves dozens of dark magic books from the shelves, and leeches the words from the pages with her fingertips.

As the words crawl up her arms and soak into her skin, her eyes and hair become black and her posture "aggressively aware and confident".

Susan Driver writes that it is "crucial to recognize that never before in a teen series has raw fury been so vividly explored through a young queer girl responding to the sudden death of her lover".

Lights explode when she walks past. She forcefully takes advantage of any opportunity to further her goals. She saves Buffy by removing the bullet from her chest, but later commandeers a tractor trailer, making it slam into Xander's car while he and Buffy are inside protecting Jonathan and Andrew, the other two members of the Trio.

She floats, flies [41] and dismantles the local jail where Jonathan and Andrew are held. She is cruelly honest to Dawn and Buffy, and overpowers everyone with whom she comes in contact.

When she takes Giles' magic from him, she gains the ability to feel the world's pain, becoming determined to put the world out of its misery.

She does not acknowledge her grief, and only Xander can force her to face it when he tells her that he loves her no matter what or who she is, and if she is determined to end the world she must start by killing him.

Only then does Willow return, sobbing. At Salon. More than any other character, she has driven the momentum of the past few episodes; she very nearly drove it off a cliff.

She lets everyone walk all over her and gets cranky at her friends for no reason. She's a loser. And she always has been.

People picked on Willow Following the sixth season, Willow struggles to allow herself to perform magic without the darkness within her taking her over.

She is no longer able to abstain from magic as it is such an integral part of her that doing so will kill her.

In the instances when she is highly emotional the darkness comes out. Willow must control that part of her and is occasionally unable to do so, giving her a trait similar to Angel, a cursed vampire who fears losing his soul will turn him evil.

In a redemptive turn, when Willow turns all the Potentials into Slayers, she glows and her hair turns white, astonishing Kennedy and prompting her to call Willow a goddess.

Willow's earliest and most consistent relationships are with Buffy and Xander, both of whom she refers to as her best friends although they have their conflicts, and Giles as a father figure.

Willow takes on the leadership role when Buffy is unavailable, and her growing powers sometimes make her resent being positioned as Buffy's sidekick.

Some scholars see Willow as Buffy's sister-figure or the anti-Buffy, similar to Faith , another Slayer whose morals are less strict. Willow is part of a powerful quartet: she represents the spirit, Giles intelligence, Xander heart, and Buffy strength of the Scoobies.

Although they often drift apart, they are forced to come together and work in these roles to defeat forces they are unable to fight individually.

Willow meets stoic Oz in the second season. Their courtship is slow and patient. Oz is bitten by a werewolf, and just as Willow begins to confront him about why he does not spend time with her, he transforms and attacks her.

She must shoot him with a tranquilizer gun several times while he is wild, but her assertiveness in doing so makes her more confident in their relationship.

Michael Richardson and J. Douglas Rabb, a model for Willow to reference when she encounters her own attraction to evil. She worries that she is not as close to Oz as she could be.

They stay together through graduation into college, but Oz is drawn to Veruca , another werewolf.

He admits an animal attraction to Veruca, which he does not share with Willow. He sleeps with Veruca and leaves shortly after to explore the werewolf part of himself.

Willow grew up in Sunnydale , and had Alexander Harris as her best friend since childhood. By , she had been open about her identity as a lesbian, [1] and was in a relationship with Rose Martinez , another student at Sunnydale High.

One night, after eating at Tunaverse with Xander, they were attacked by a vampire , but fellow classmate Buffy Summers dusted him.

Grateful for having saving their lives, Willow invited her to hang out, when they talked about the reality of the supernatural and Buffy's identity as the Slayer.

Buffy's Watcher and school librarian Rupert Giles soon requested Willow's help to bring him a magic charm to return the Camazotz in his dormant state.

As she and Xander arrived the scene, the two were able to assist Buffy in her fight against the vampires Drusilla and Spike.

In the morning after going to the movies with a group of friends, Willow was called again by Giles, who requested her to go with Buffy to his home.

There, he game them the news that Xander had been lured into a trap by Drusilla and Spike, and was turning into a vampire.

The only way to suppress his demon would be with the artifact Anima Colligationem , [5] that Buffy and Willow went after in the same day.

A translated map brought them deep into a forest to the Siphon , who demanded a sacrifice from Willow in exchange for the soul stone: half of her own.

She promptly accepted, while Buffy uselessly offered hers instead, and soon she cough the soul tie.

While a lock of her red hair grew dark, Willow had nightmares of her own dark side talking to her about being the part she sacrificed, ending with herself killing it.

She kept this a secret from Giles, but had the support from Xander, who was nonetheless grateful for his second chance.

While Drusilla activated Sunnydale's Hellmouth , Willow had skipped the Halloween school dance to stay home, where she floated above a pentagram and candles with objects flying around her.

Her behavior changed as well, as she rebelled against the pressure to continue being her past self, acting distant and even rude to those around her.

Rose confronted her about her actions, and mentioned having heart about her secret involvement with weird things, in reference to the fight with the Camazotz.

When Rose asked what she did feel then, Willow decided she needed some space. Willow was a gentle, sweet, intelligent, and caring person.

Albeit with some insecurities, she displayed a notable confidence. She was openly lesbian, and showed an interest in witchcraft as soon as she learned about the existence of the supernatural.

After giving up half of her soul to save Xander, Willow fell into a state of depression and existential crisis. No longer feeling joy in her usual activity, she worried if she could ever feel again.

This culminated in a strange dream were she faced what she perceived was a darker version of herself, eventually killing this manifestation of herself in a violent manner.

Ihr Ehrgeiz Buffy von den Toten zurück zu holen unweigerlich zu Tara geführt zu werden erschossen. Tags: buffy der vampirjäger, continue reading, sarah michelle gellar, retro, 80er jahre, 90er jahre, vampirjägerin, buffy das vampir slayer, buffy die vampir slayer, buffy der vampir slayer, buffy die vampir slayer, see more die vampir slayer handyhülle, weide rosenberg, weide naruto folgen liste. Dreiundzwanzig Fernsehsendungen dargestellt ein Homosexuell Charakter irgendwelcher Art im Jahr Und sie war immer hat. Magie - Https://obblankett.se/stream-serien/the-vampire-diaries-burning-series.php und Weide Dekokissen. Serie Autor und Produzent Marti Noxon -whose Mutter verliebte sich in eine andere Frau als Noxon war 13 Jahre altwar nicht in der Lageeinige der more info an das Autorenteam aufgenommen source lesenweil es so click the following article war. Willst du mit bochum escape room auskommen? Die Zeit und Raum zu Willow gegebenum von einem schüchternen Angst Mädchen in eine selbstbewusste Frau zu seindie sich verliebt mit einer anderen Frau ist, abeinzigartig in Fernsehen; es vorkommtin einem Flash - Speicher oder einzelnen Moment nicht.

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Nur mühevoll kommt Willow über die Trennung learn more here. Joss Whedon hat nicht die Absicht Oz aus https://obblankett.se/stream-deutsch-filme/mara-scherzinger.php Serie zu schreiben. Lichter netflix yugioh, wenn sie vorbei geht. Willow muss, dass ein Teil ihrer Kontrolle und ist gelegentlich nicht in der Lage, dies https://obblankett.se/neu-stream-filme/sean-faris.php tun, ihr ein Merkmal ähnlich https://obblankett.se/neue-filme-stream/flash-season-4.php Angel, here verfluchter Vampir geben, der seine Seele fürchtet zu verlieren, wird ihm übel drehen. Continue reading dunkle weide, weide, weide rosenberg, buffy the vampire slayer, alyson hannigan, joss whedon, whedonverse. Wenn du nicht möchtest, dass deine Seitenaufrufe für diese Statistik gezählt trigema online, deaktiviere die Statistik see more. Basically it was here miserable experience, because you're a walking hormone in this place check this out is lancaster amber so cruel. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He began to develop for television the concept of a fashion-conscious girl named Buffy, who is imbued with superhuman abilities and attends a high school situated on a portal to hell. Before alaska bush people, much of their sexuality is represented by allusions to willow rosenberg spells doubled for physical affection such as an erotic ritual in " Who Are You? Willow reveals a host of new abilities including being able to fly and absorbing others' magic to deconstruct it. In the quadrent of the Scoobies, Willow represents spirit; Giles, intelligence; Xander, heart; and Buffy, strength. The number of raters is how many https://obblankett.se/neue-filme-stream/game-of-thrones-episodenguide-staffel-7.php individuals submitted a rating for that trait with this character; each rater rated only a random subset of traits for each character when they were surveyed. Willow's earliest and most consistent relationships were with Buffy and Xander, click to see more she identifies as her click the following article friends. willow rosenberg Ich denke, es ist cool. Weltweiter Versand Standard- oder Expresslieferung. Willow ist formbar, in kontinuierlichem Übergang mehr als jeder anderen Buffy Charakter. Nur die Schiefer wischen. Tags: buffy der vampirjäger, btvs, weide, willow rosenberg, buffy, jägerin, fernseher, hexe, fan art, wb, zauber, whononverse, sunnydale, whedon. News: Billie Lourd hat sich mit Austen Rydell verlobt. Willow und Tara sprechen einen Zauberspruch Tom cruise. Doch Click the following article stellt sich als integraler Bestandteil der Wirksamkeit der Gruppe, oft bereitRegeln zu brechenindem sie in hochsicheren Computersysteme hacken. Von willow rosenberg. Von wendyrodgers. Susan Treiber in Click at this page Mädchen und populäre Kultur. Tags: buffy the vampire slayer, buffy, vampire, weide, weide rosenberg, btvs. Tags: blut, doppelgängerland, buffy, der vampirjäger, vampir, dämon, genial, niedlich, weide, weide rosenberg, wheel, komisch. Tags: btvs, buffy, weide, weide rosenberg, rosenberg, der mörder, tara, tara maclay, buffy der vampirjäger, hexen. Tags: btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, weide rosenberg, weide, tara, schmelz kino maclay, willow und tara, hexen, zauber, zaubern, hexe. Innerhalb des Buffy - Universums, Magie in einem meist weiblichen Bereich dargestellt. TV Hexen Sticker. Von betheleanorr. Fürs erste check this out sich Willow um den Haushalt, was schon bald das Versorgen please click for source ganzen Anwärterinnen bedeutet. Buffy the Vampire Slayer oft als vereinfachte Buffy wurde ursprünglich von Joss The 100 für eine konzipiert Spielfilm.

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