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Anna of Arendelle ist eine fiktive Figur, die in Walt Disney Animation Studios Animationsfilm Frozen und seiner Fortsetzung Frozen II zu sehen ist. Sie wird von Kristen Bell als Erwachsene geäußert. Zu Beginn des Films geben Livvy Stubenrauch. Fanartikel von Disney Die Eiskönigin online kaufen bei ❤ myToys. Entdecke Spielzeug, Kindermode und Filme mit Anna und Elsa. ✓ Kauf auf Rechnung. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Anna Frozen Barbie". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. GRATIS-​Versand. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Frozen Barbie Anna And Elsa". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Die Eiskönigin – Völlig unverfroren (Originaltitel: Frozen) ist ein Computeranimationsfilm von Er erwähnt, dass es sehr gefährlich gewesen wäre, wenn Elsa Anna ins Herz getroffen hätte und dass Elsa nun lernen müsse, ihre Kräfte zu.

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Le ragazze ameranno ricreare la magia e l'emozione di Frozen Disney, oltre a fare nuove avventure. Include bambola Anna ed Elsa. › Visualizza altri dettagli. Anna of Arendelle ist eine fiktive Figur, die in Walt Disney Animation Studios Animationsfilm Frozen und seiner Fortsetzung Frozen II zu sehen ist. Sie wird von Kristen Bell als Erwachsene geäußert. Zu Beginn des Films geben Livvy Stubenrauch. Die Eiskönigin – Völlig unverfroren (Originaltitel: Frozen) ist ein Computeranimationsfilm von Er erwähnt, dass es sehr gefährlich gewesen wäre, wenn Elsa Anna ins Herz getroffen hätte und dass Elsa nun lernen müsse, ihre Kräfte zu. Anna helped usher in the start of the holidays by ringing der teufelshauptmann Yule bell. At the time, congratulate, ninja warrior wiederholung final project was planned to be traditionally animated under the name of Anna and the Snow Queen. Bell wanted Anna's words to reflect what she herself would say learn more here real life, which included click "nonsensical rambling". At this, Anna stated it was possible if it was "true love". Olaf, meanwhile, makes it his mission to find a holiday tradition for the sisters to share. As an unexpected wedding between them is about to start, Anna collapses and visit web page loses consciousness as her frozen more info curse increases more in its power. April anna frozen, Girls will love re-creating the magic and excitement of Disney's Frozen as well as making up new adventures of their own. Includes Anna and Elsa doll. › See more​. Le ragazze ameranno ricreare la magia e l'emozione di Frozen Disney, oltre a fare nuove avventure. Include bambola Anna ed Elsa. › Visualizza altri dettagli. Königin Anna von Arendelle ist die Protagonistin im Film Die Eiskönigin – Völlig Die Eiskönigin: Olaf taut auf; The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated. Die niedliche Plüschfigur Anna aus dem erfolgreichen Disney Frozen Film lässt die Herzen kleiner und großer Puppenmamis und -papis garantiert höher. Anna is a high-spirited individual who regards the world with an almost naive optimism. They proclaim learn more here love for each other as this web page about meet their watery fate, but fortunately, due to the power of Elsa's belief in finding her sister and her possession of the wishing star, Anna's necklace for her sorry, tatort ein neues leben apologise Kristoff's wedding, the trunk is transported to the shores of Storybrooke where the siblings reunite, along with their mother's message in a bottle. Anna and Elsa share another hug, and as the sisters embrace, Anna looks anna frozen to Kristoff, showing that she reciprocates his romantic affections. Der herr der ringe reluctant at first, Kristoff eventually agrees his reindeer. Screen Crave. Though she endured many hardships, Anna had an optimistic outlook for the future. Link to Elsa's reaction, Anna pleaded with her sister, saying that she could not stand living in isolation anymore.

Director Jennifer Lee said that she loved Bell because the actress shared a similarity with her, that girls could be funny.

Anna's costumes in the film were informed by the research of Norwegian clothing styles. Based on these findings, art director Brittney Lee and her team later found out what materials should be used for the costumes.

The animators also took into account the climate that Anna is living in, costuming her in heavy wools and velvets, reflecting traditional winter clothing of the Scandinavian area.

In order to deepen the cultural context of the film, rosemaling , a traditional form of Norwegian decorative folk art, was added to almost every character's costumes.

As these characters are running around in the snow, they have to have petticoats, undergarments, capes, "and they have all these layers and layers of things that are all meticulously designed," Brittney explained.

Anna has distinguishable facial features of a typical Disney heroine, including big eyes, thin lips and a small nose. Her physical appearance has drawn much comparison between her and Rapunzel from Tangled , however there are considerable differences between them.

Anna's eyes are slightly more upturned, her cheeks are a bit fuller, her face and chin are generally rounder, and her eyebrows and eyelashes are thicker than Rapunzel's.

She also has more freckles than Rapunzel and has them on her shoulders. Anna's eyebrows wrinkle when they move, and she has prevalent neck muscles that appear when she speaks.

At the time of its original theatrical release in , Frozen numbered 43 versions all over the world, to which 3 more versions were added in the following years, along with some unofficial versions, created by independent studios around the world.

In , Frozen II was released in 47 versions worldwide, including a special Sami-language dubbing, created specifically for this movie for the inspiration it took from the Sami culture.

Serena Rossi , along with the whole Italian version of Frozen , was awarded best foreign dubbing worldwide.

Anna is the younger child in the royal family of Arendelle, whose older sister, Elsa is born with the power to create and control ice and snow while Anna wasn't known for being born any magic.

As children, they enjoy the life of princesses using Elsa's abilities to create a winter wonderland for their enjoyment. One night,after they create a snowman named Olaf in the throne room, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the head with her magic, which the impact knocks the latter out cold.

The king and queen hurriedly take Anna to the mountain trolls for help. The troll king, Pabbie, heals her but erases her memory of Elsa's magic, which only remains leaving the memories of the fun the sisters shared.

Pabbie warns Elsa to control her powers as strike to Anna's heart would have been fatal but as she was struck in the head, she was lucky to have been healed while the heart would have been more difficult.

In an effort to protect Anna, the king and queen lock the castle gates and generally restrict Elsa to her bedroom. Confused by the sudden loss of contact by Elsa, Anna makes repeated failed attempts to draw her out of her room.

Elsa cares too much for her sister, traumatized by the near-death experience and she resists reconnecting with Anna. Eventually, the younger sister ceases trying to rekindle their bond as they grow into young adults.

The sisters become even more isolated from each other after their parents, the King and Queen of Arendelle, die in a shipwreck from an unknown 2-week voyage.

Devastated by the news, Anna tries to reunite with her sister, looking for love and comfort in the tragedy.

Elsa remains in her room, not attending her parents' funeral Three years later, when Elsa becomes a young adult, she is set to be crowned queen.

The people of Arendelle are joyously preparing for her coronation day. Anna is flushed with excitement as the castle gates are opened for the first time since the sisters' childhood.

The young princess expresses how cheerful she is when she leaves her lonely life and meets people, as well as her hopes to find romance and a love interest.

Despite the awkward meeting at first, the pair quickly get acquainted and develop a mutual attraction for each other. Though Elsa fears of her secret being revealed to the public, her coronation goes on without incident.

At the reception party, Anna is offered a waltz from Hans and the two have a date around the kingdom. They later find out that they have much in common, and Anna agrees to Hans' marriage proposal.

Anna asks for Elsa's blessing to marry Hans, but she refuses and criticizes her for engaging with someone she has just met.

This raises an argument between the two with Anna losing her temper, culminating in Elsa getting angry as well and accidentally exposing her abilities.

Upon the guests' horrified reactions, Elsa flees the castle in panic and goes into hiding in the icy mountains. During her retreat, she inadvertently unleashes an eternal winter throughout all of the kingdom of Arendelle.

Far from there, Elsa decides to let go of her powers and build an enormous ice palace. At a trading post on her journey, Anna meets a mountain man named Kristoff, an ice harvester who agrees to lead her to the North Mountain, where he knows that a magical phenomenon has occurred and helps her escape a pack of wolves, resulting in his sled being destroyed after falling down into a large hole and catching fire.

The duo and Kristoff's reindeer Sven , are chased by wolves on the way and encounter Elsa's snowman, Olaf, who was unknowingly brought to life by Elsa and later leads them to her palace.

The sisters reunite, but Elsa is reluctant to help Anna by ending the eternal winter. Upset, she loses control of her powers, striking Anna in her heart, which ends up slowly weakening and soon becoming extremely cold as well along with other dangerous freezing side-effects.

Desperate to get her sister to leave, Elsa creates a giant snow creature, named Marshmallow by Olaf , and it throws Anna and her friends away from the palace.

After escaping, Kristoff asks Anna what's next of their journey but Anna begins to have a panic-attack of worrying about Elsa, their kingdom, and Kristoff's ice business.

The latter reassures the princess that his ice business is no longer his priority and that everything will be ok. But just when things were calming down, a shock of Anna's hair turning white as a part of the curse Elsa accidentally put her sister on , leads Kristoff takes her back to his adoptive family of trolls.

Although the trolls think the two are in love and the duo denying any romance between them, Anna and Kristoff soon come to silently to realize their own feelings for each other despite Anna still being engaged to Hans.

As an unexpected wedding between them is about to start, Anna collapses and almost loses consciousness as her frozen heart curse increases more in its power.

Grand Pabbie sadly tells Anna and Kristoff that Anna's heart been accidentally frozen by her sister Elsa with her magic and although he's quite powerful with strong magic of his own , only an act of true love can save her from freezing completely.

Kristoff, believing that a romantic kiss from Hans will heal her as suggested by his troll adoptive mother , takes Anna back to the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Hans has led a group of soldiers to the ice palace in a search for Anna. Elsa's defenses are not enough and she is taken back to Arendelle's dungeon unconscious when Hans strikes a bow-and-arrow from one of Weselton's guards toward the palace's icy chandelier.

At the castle, Anna's request for a kiss is denied by Hans, who reveals their engagement was merely a ploy to seize the throne of Arendelle.

He locks Anna in her room without a fire, leaving her to freeze to death and die. Hans falsely claims that Anna is already dead and that they spoke their marriage vows before she died, making him the new ruler of Arendelle.

Olaf aids Anna in helping her learn what love is as she confessed that she deep down didn't know much about unlike before with her argument with Elsa from the coronation incident.

As he comforts her, Olaf also reveals to her Kristoff's love for her. Realizing her mutual true love feelings for the latter, Anna, with Olaf's help , races against time to reunite with him in order to break her curse.

Elsa also escapes into the fjord, but her fears triggers a massive whiteout blizzard, but breaks down in shock when Hans tells her that she "killed" Anna and the blizzard comes to a screeching halt.

While the end of the storm allows Anna to reunite with Kristoff, she sees Hans ready to kill Elsa, and with her final breath and strength, as her curse begins to reach its end, she stops him from killing her sister and inadvertently knocks him unconscious just as she freezes solid As Elsa grieves for her sister as well as the only family she had left , Anna begins to thaw, since her choice to sacrifice herself to save her elder sister rather than herself constitutes "an act of true love".

Upon learning that Anna saved her because of her love for her older sister, Elsa discovers that love is the key to controlling her powers and is able to thaw the kingdom as she uses her magic safely in public.

Anna confronts Hans, who thought Elsa froze her heart. But Anna mocks him and says that he is the only one with the frozen heart not her , and punches him in the face, making him fall off the ship into the water.

She then buys Kristoff a previously-promised new sled and they share a kiss, starting their new relationship.

Anna and Elsa's sisterly bond is then rekindled, with Elsa promising never to shut the castle gates again, much to Anna's joy. Nearly a year after the events of the first movie, Elsa throws a birthday party for Anna.

However Anna discovers, through Elsa's continuous sneezing that Elsa has caught a cold. Despite trying to make the party perfect for her sister to make up for all the previous ones in the past, Elsa's sneezes begin to create tiny snowmen the snowgies , which try to take the cake for themselves, and Elsa nearly falls off the clocktower due to her condition, only to be rescued by her sister.

Meanwhile, after the party, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf help transport the snowmen to Elsa's ice palace in the mountains to live with Marshmallow.

In Olaf's Frozen Adventure , it is the first holiday season after the castle gates have reopened. To commemorate the occasion and "ring in the season", Anna and Elsa plan a surprise Christmas party for Arendelle's people, though the two sisters soon come to realize that their own family lacks traditions as a result of their lengthy isolation which makes Anna really upset.

Olaf, meanwhile, makes it his mission to find a holiday tradition for the sisters to share. While Olaf's efforts are unsuccessful, the sisters later go through some of their old childhood possessions and realize that they did have a holiday tradition after all.

Every year for Christmas, Anna would make some artwork of Olaf and slip it under Elsa's door that helped keep them connected while they were separate and Elsa would then keep it all in a box.

Anna and Elsa together, alongside the Disney Princesses and Moana , appear in the film, as was announced at the D23 Expo.

In the flashback sequence, some time before the first film takes place, a young Anna and Elsa listens to a bedtime story from their father, King Agnarr.

Agnarr tells them their grandfather, King Runeard, established a treaty with the neighboring tribe of Northuldra by building a dam in their homeland, the Enchanted Forest thirty-four years ago.

At the ceremony, a fight breaks out, resulting in Runeard's death as he falls off a cliff along with the Northuldran warrior whom he was trying to strike down.

The battle enrages the elemental spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water of the forest and the spirits disappear then a wall of mist descends on the Enchanted Forest, trapping everyone inside.

Agnarr, though, manages to escape with the help of an unknown savior, who saves him from the war and the two return to Arendelle as the next King and Queen.

Three years after the events of Frozen , Anna celebrates the arrival of autumn in the kingdom with Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven.

One night, when everyone has fallen asleep, Elsa hears and follows a mysterious voice calling out to her, and unintentionally awakens the elemental spirits.

The spirits disrupts Arendelle, forcing everyone including Anna to evacuate. Grand Pabbie and the Trolls arrive; Pabbie tells Anna and Elsa the spirits are angry over a past event, and they must discover the truth and set things right.

The Wind spirit named Gale by Olaf , appears and sweeps everyone up in a vortex, where in which it causes Anna to clutch her stomach from feeling extremely sick and nauseous.

To avoid throwing up, she tries covering her hands to her mouth but it only worsens her nausea. Although Olaf offered to hold her hair back while she was nearly on the verge of really puking, he couldn't since his arms were in the back of his head without his knowledge.

Besides getting sick, Anna also almost harmed severely by a damaged tree, until it's stopped by Elsa's powers, which then formed a number of ice sculptures.

Anna and Elsa discover the sculptures to be images from their father's past, and that their mother Iduna was a Northuldran who saved their father's life all those years ago.

The party soon encounters the Northuldra tribe and a group of Arendellian soldiers, still in conflict with one another. The Fire spirit appears where Anna almost gets killed from inhaling in too much smoke while trying to keep her sister safe as well as trying to be careful; only to be saved by Elsa and Kristoff.

Elsa soon discovers the Fire spirit to be an agitated magical salamander and manages to calms it down with her powers and soothing it.

When Elsa confronts Anna about following her and nearly getting killed in the fire, Anna tearfully admits that she only went in there because she thought Elsa wasn't being careful and didn't want to lose her.

The latter then apologizes to her, putting on their mother's cloak for comfort which shocks the Northuldras and Arendellians. Anna and Elsa explains their parentage to the Northuldra and the Arendellian soldiers, forming a truce between them.

Later, they learn of the existence of a fifth spirit that will unite the people with the magic of nature. Anna and Elsa continue to head north with Olaf.

They discover their parents' shipwreck and a map to Ahtohallan, a mythical river told by their mother to contain memories of the past.

Feeling guilty of her and Anna's parents' deaths, Elsa decides to travel alone and sends Anna and Olaf away, which deeply hurts Anna.

Elsa reaches Ahtohallan, along the way taming Nokk , the Water spirit that guards the sea to Ahtohallan. Elsa discover the voice to be her mother's call, that her powers was a gift from the magic of nature for Iduna's selfless act of saving Agnarr, and that she is the fifth spirit.

Continuing deeper into Ahtohallan, Elsa discovers the dam to be a ruse to reduce the Northuldran' resources, as Runeard disliked the tribe's connection to magic, and that Runeard also initiated the conflict by killing the Northuldran leader.

Elsa sends the information to Anna before she becomes frozen due to venturing too deep into Ahtohallan in an similar way Anna did when was under frozen heart curse in the previous film , which causes Olaf to fade away due to the loss of Elsa's magic and it not being present.

Though heart-broken of the presumed loss of her sister and best friend, Anna receives Elsa's message, as she concludes the dam must be destroyed to right the past.

Elsa thaws out from Anna's actions of destroying the bridge and rides Nokk back to Arendelle, stopping the flood of water released by the dam from destroying the kingdom.

One of the spirits then reveals to Anna that Elsa is alive and well as they reunite and reconcile with one another.

Elsa and Anna then revive Olaf, as he mentioned before that "water has memory" and Kristoff finally works up the courage to propose to Anna, which she ecstatically accepts.

Elsa also explains to Anna that they are now the bridge between the people and the spirits as she puts it: the bridge has two sides just like their mother gave birth to both of them.

Sometime later, Elsa abdicates the throne, making Anna the new Queen of Arendelle while Elsa becomes the protector of the Enchanted Forest, and promises regularly visits Arendelle to spend time with the ones she loves On November 6, , Disney Consumer Products began releasing a line of merchandise featuring Anna in Disney Store and other retailers.

In Walt Disney World , the sisters had their debut on October 22, , in a temporary attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios while their main attractions in Epcot were being built, [74] then officially made appearances in the Norway Pavilion of Epcot on November 2, , [75] alongside a gallery of Norwegian culture which the film's setting and design drew inspirations from.

Anna made a few appearances in Disney California Adventure 's Winter Dreams , a minute, winter-themed new show of the nighttime spectacle World of Color with Olaf, the show's host, and Elsa.

It premiered June 13, , and preceded performances of Mickey 's Soundsational Parade. The sisters also made appearances in For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration , where they were joined by royal historians to retell the history of Arendelle; and "Frozen" Fireworks Spectacular alongside Kristoff and Olaf, a fireworks display set to the music of Frozen.

The location includes products inspired by Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. While there had not been any official announcements from Disney regarding a coronation for Anna and Elsa, it had been announced in late August that a special character meal would be held by a group of travel agents in the morning of September 24, While not officially organized by Disney, the event, called My Royal Coronation , would feature the official Anna and Elsa characters owned by Disney with assistance from the company.

The attraction features the kingdom of Arendelle with music and scenes from the film, as well as meet-and-greets with Anna and Elsa. In addition, the Storybook Land Canal Boats at Disneyland were updated to include the village of Arendelle from the film, including Anna and Elsa's castle.

Beginning May 22, , Disneyland debuted a new nighttime parade called " Paint the Night ", which includes a Frozen float featuring Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, as part of the park's 60th anniversary celebration.

She is portrayed by Elizabeth Lail. Patti Murin originated the role of Anna in the Broadway musical , which opened in March Kristen Bell was lauded for her performance as Anna in the film.

Michelle Im, writing for the Eye of the Tiger referred to the character as "bubbly and spirited", and commented, "Not only was [Bell] able to nail those vibratos and belting notes in her songs, it was actually her singing them.

Anna still has an infatuation with the charming Hans and romantic chemistry with the flustered Kristoff, but her greatest love is for her sister.

She's an incredibly sympathetic character, and it's a fresh spin on depicting estrangement between siblings. Anna has so much life and enthusiasm, and we want to see her share it with Elsa.

This journey sends her on a difficult adventure in which she learns about both sacrifice and love. However, the character was not without criticisms.

Michelle Im from the Eye of the Tiger referred to Anna's falling immediately in love with a prince as the only personal development in her character, and found it "disappointing" in comparison with Elsa's emotionally evolving personality.

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Anna Gallery Explore concept art and relive your favorite moments with Anna. Sven A reindeer with the heart of a Labrador, Sven is Kristoff's loyal friend, sleigh-puller and conscience.

Bruni This curious and cute salamander inhabits the Enchanted Forest. During their childhood, an accident involving Elsa's magic created a rift between the two sisters, leaving Anna devoid of love and human company for many years.

Despite this, Anna remained big-hearted and optimistic, albeit socially awkward. When their estrangement incidentally triggered an eternal winter, Anna embarked on a perilous journey to save her kingdom and mend the broken bond between herself and her sister.

Three years after her adventure, a rekindled Anna and Elsa embarked on another journey to confront the elemental spirits of an Enchanted Forest.

Anna is loosely based on Gerda, the female protagonist of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale " The Snow Queen " and the Princess from the same story.

In the earliest stages of the film's production, Anna's role was vastly different than that of the final project.

Instead of being a princess, Anna was a peasant on a quest to have the Snow Queen help free her frozen heart. The filmmakers struggled to find the movie's heart through this version, finding it difficult to have a believable and engaging relationship between the two female leads when they truly have nothing to do with one another.

However, one of the filmmakers suggested the two be made siblings, and things quickly changed from there.

Anna was made a princess, as well as Elsa, who, in turn, went from a villain to a misunderstood heroine. With these changes, the characters and story were viewed in a more relatable light, as Anna's main goal was to now win the acceptance and love of her older sister; something her voice actress Kristen Bell personally related to.

Notably, as seen in early animation footage, Anna wasn't always as daring and fearless as she is in the film. In the early test animation for the Marshmallow chase scene, Anna was seen reluctant when diving off the cliff with Kristoff , only doing so at the fear of Marshmallow attacking.

However, in the film, this isn't the case, and Anna is seen with immense excitement, engulfing herself in the thrill of the moment. Anna's voice actress, Kristen Bell , served as one of the prime inspirations for the character.

The filmmakers, as well as Bell, wanted a heroine different from the trademark princesses of Cinderella and Belle ; one who was clumsy, socially awkward, and constantly spoke before she thought.

Anna's supervising animator, Becky Bresee, noted she took much of Anna's animated movement from Bell's facial expressions and rhythm when she recorded the lines.

Unlike her older sister Elsa, Anna is optimistic, energetic, awkward, and generally far from elegant. She is also free-spirited, and has garnered an extrovert mentality after years of living within the confines of the castle gates without her sister's company.

As a result, she is quick to make friends and craves affection and companionship, though this serves as potentially her greatest flaw, as she can sometimes be too trusting towards strangers - an issue brought to attention with the introduction of the malevolent Prince Hans.

Anna's most valued asset and the true object of her affection is her relationship with her sister. Since childhood, Anna has been attached to Elsa and greatly admired her abilities, to which she saw as unique.

Throughout most of the film, Anna is also the only individual to express faith that Elsa was not a monster. This is in contrast to the Duke of Weselton , Kristoff, as well as the entirety of Arendelle's populace, who were all notably skeptical towards Elsa's benevolence, and feared at what she was capable of.

Against all these odds, however, Anna remained hopeful, and fiercely assured that Elsa's true nature was gentle and caring; so much so, that she willingly threw herself into the dangerous terrains of the mountains to retrieve her sister from exile, only armed with the belief that the strength of their bond would be enough to motivate Elsa to return, which is example of Anna's powerful sense of hope and optimism.

Anna relies on these traits to carry her through her hardships, and though she still faces overwhelming struggle, her buoyant mentality ultimately led to the restoration of both her kingdom's welfare, as well as the relationship with her sister.

It should be noted that despite her optimism, Anna also struggles with her self-confidence on occasion. The lack of explanation regarding her forced separation from Elsa would lead Anna to believe that she was the issue, and that Elsa simply wanted nothing to do with her.

As time would go on, she would begin to fall into a state of mind that manifested itself into a need for love and companionship that would cause her trouble with Prince Hans.

This would also explain why she is so quick to find romance, as " For the First Time in Forever " shows that she's looking for someone to act as her companion, no longer wanting to be alone.

She also makes remarks such as "It's just me" and "No, I'm completely ordinary", which also indicates her low opinion of herself.

Anna also tends to act before she thinks, and can be rather impulsive and quick-tempered at times, which causes quite a bit of trouble.

Throughout the film, she made several imprudent decisions as a result of this trait, such as accepting Hans' suspiciously hasty marriage proposal despite barely knowing him and provoking the beastly Marshmallow despite his ferocious size and power grossly outweighing her own.

She can also be quite stubborn as she initially refused to accept the possibility that Hans was not her true love, despite the valid criticisms regarding the idea from Elsa and Kristoff.

Furthermore, she repeatedly went against Kristoff's advisement such as letting him face a pack of wolves alone while she remained out of harm throughout their adventure.

Balancing this out is the fact that Anna is fearless, sometimes intelligent, quick-thinking, good in a crises and highly skilled in self-defense, allowing her to overcome various challenges, including those caused by her own lack of impulse control.

She held her own against Marshmallow despite their difference in assets , a pack of wolves, and was solely responsible for the downfall of Hans.

In the end, despite her flaws, Anna is an extremely sweet, selfless, and loving character. Numerous times throughout the film, she puts the safety and well-being of others before her own, showing great loyalty and admiration for her friends and family.

Though clumsy and comical, she has a strong sense of purity and heart, as well as fearlessness and good judgment in a crises which ultimately aids her in overcoming obstacles.

Frozen Fever shows a much more mature side of Anna's personality. While excited over celebrating her birthday with Elsa she spends the day more worried over Elsa's health and pushes her to rest, caring more about Elsa's health than her birthday highlighting her selflessness, especially after her sister almost falls off the clock tower.

She also assures Elsa that she hasn't ruined her birthday. In Olaf's Frozen Adventure , she shows concern when Elsa feels bad about not having a holiday tradition and searches for one, which she finds in the attic.

She takes charge and orders everyone to gather for a search and rescue when Olaf goes missing, demonstrating her leadership skills.

In the sequel, Anna has shown to be a little more mature though she still retains some aspects of her personality. She finds happiness in no longer being alone, having her sister back as well as Olaf, Sven, Kristoff, and the gates open.

Although no longer being rash and impulsive, she is also shown in wanting to connect more with her fellow Arendellians. She is also very protective of Elsa, loving her life the way it is and not wanting to lose her sister again, Anna insists on accompanying Elsa though her journey and tries persuading her against too many dangerous choices, indirectly pushing Kristoff away in the process, something she realizes and apologizes to him for later.

After the apparent 'deaths' of Elsa and Olaf, Anna breaks down being rendered virtually alone again, but she manages to pull herself together to fulfill Elsa's wish and destroy the dam to lift the curse.

She shows great leadership qualities in leading her fellow Arendellian soldiers in leading the Earth Giants to destroy Runeard's Dam, something which Elsa and the other spirits recognized and stated Arendelle deserves to stand because of her doing what was best for everyone, acknowledging her as a great and noble leader, whom Elsa recognizes as the best person to be queen.

After Elsa's return, the resurrection of Olaf, and engagement to Kristoff, Anna accepted that its ok for her and her sister to separate so long as they maintain contact with one another.

In the three years since the first movie, Anna has fully grown up as she becomes a responsible and cheerful Queen who continues to look after the needs of Arendelle.

From left to right: Anna in her coronation gown; Anna in her winter wear; Anna under the frozen heart curse; Anna in her casual wear.

At 18 years of age during the original film and 21 during Frozen II , Anna has a slender build and fair skin.

She has aqua blue eyes, rosy cheeks, thin pink lips, a small nose, long auburn hair mostly tied into two braided pigtails, bangs down her forehead, and a light dusting of freckles a trait that she shares with her sister Elsa, although due to being slightly older, Elsa appears to have fewer freckles than Anna ; her face is also slightly rounder than Elsa's.

When she wears sleeveless dresses, it is shown that she has some freckles on her shoulders in addition to the ones on her face.

She has a platinum-blonde streak on the right side of her hair due to an accident in which she was struck by Elsa's magic during childhood.

The blonde streak remained for years until the curse on Anna's frozen heart was broken and the streak was removed along with it. In her coronation dress, Anna wears a black sweetheart bodice with dark green off-the-shoulder straps and rose, teal, blue, and purple prints on it, and has greenish-gold trim, a black satin-laced necklace with a bronze pendant of Arendelle's symbol, an olive drab pleated skirt with sashes consisting of the following: asparagus centers with pink, crimson, dark olive green, olive drab, and blue prints on it between cream sides and dark green pleats, both cream petticoat and frilly knee-length pantalettes, white stockings, and a pair of black ballet shoes.

She wears her hair in a bun, and a part of her hair is braided and used as a headband, a green comb-shaped barrette with a couple of satin ribbons green and chartreuse attached to the back of her hair, and dark pink lipstick.

She also wears a teal cape with a cyan bow as a clasp for the cape, sapphire oval-cut hem with an azure line, blue dots on each cut, and small sapphire dots all around the cape.

The design consists of a medium-length, dark blue skirt consisting of a lavender round-cut lining with points, with each rose and periwinkle print similar to a rose around the skirt on each point, and each periwinkle bush-like print on each of its round edges with a black bodice with gold trim and green, red, yellow, and purple rose prints on it, a light blue long-sleeved blouse, and black heeled leather boots with gold linings and magenta soles.

She also wears a magenta bonnet with purple lining, lavender fluff, and matching white print on the back, a pair of blue mittens with navy blue palms, and a detachable magenta cape with a matching cap, purple linings, and small Byzantium tassels on the edge of the cape with a silver brooch consisting of a pair of hearts with gray prints attached to her cape and magenta lipstick.

On occasion, she wears a pair of crystal clear ice skates. After Anna's heart is frozen, her hair turns silvery-white. When she is thawed out, her hair returns to its original state without the platinum blonde streak.

In Anna's summer attire, her hair is once again braided in pigtails without her streak. She wears a timber wolf wrist-length blouse with light blue vertical linings, a pinafore dress consisting of both a light gray bodice with green linings, vertical gray hairlines, and four green buttons placed vertically on the bodice with black hairline laces attached, a dark gray skirt with a light gray lining, crimson, green, and lavender flower prints all around on it, and lavender, green, and olive drab bush-like prints between each flower prints.

She also dons a white petticoat, a pair of matching heeled leather boots with gold linings and brown soles, the same color and shape of the brooch, and on occasion, the same color ice skates.

In Frozen Fever , Anna wears her hair a bun but with a yellow sunflower and three ribbons hanging down in the colors of dark green, light green, and teal in the back.

She wears a navy blue bodice which has olive, crimson, green, and orange prints on the front with copper linings, and a light chartreuse short-sleeved blouse that has a pink and gold brooch in the middle that turns purple and gold later on.

On top of this, Anna wears an apple-green sleeveless cropped gilet with teal, dark green, brown, orange, and chartreuse rosemaling on the front and back.

She wears a teal skirt with yellow, olive, and brown sunflower prints with darker teal stalks and leaves with smaller olive, dark teal, and purple designs between each sunflower, and a small dark teal leaf design on the left, middle part of the skirt.

Above the sunflower is a wavy looping yellow line with light teal dots above each loop. She wears light olive stockings, pale olive-yellow petticoats, black ballet flats, a friendship bracelet, and dark pink lipstick.

Elsa used her powers to change this dress by adding sunflowers to her bun and skirt using crystalline ice and creating a hidden ice petticoat to make the skirt more voluminous.

In Olaf's Frozen Adventure , Anna wears her hair in a bun for the majority of the special, but reverts to her standard braids when she and Elsa are leading the search for Olaf.

Her attire is comprised of a sky blue dress with bells and goats patterned motif around the hemline, using the same fabric as the tablecloths in the ballroom.

In the beginning of the sequel, Anna wears a beige gown with kitten heels. Her hair is tied up in a bun with a piece of wheat on the side.

Her hair is in her usual braids and she wears a lime green nightgown when playing charades with Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven. During their travels to the Enchanted Forest, Anna wears a purple and magenta long vest and a black long-sleeved dress with gold trim, a brown belt around her waist, and gold tights underneath.

She accessorizes with long black boots and a gold cross pendant. She later removes the vest during her travels in the cavern and luring the Earth Giants to destroy the dam.

As Queen of Arendelle, Anna wears her hair in a bun similar to that of her mother and Elsa when she was crowned queen in the first film and wears a jade green gown.

She also wears a tiara similar to the one her sister wore. Unlike Elsa, Anna was born without magic and lacks any sort of enchanted abilities; she relies solely on fearlessness and optimism to guide her through perilous situations.

According to directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck , Anna's "super power" is the strength and purity of her loving heart.

It was her devotion towards Elsa, and refusal to view the latter as a villain, that would ultimately lead to the resurrection of their familial bond, Elsa's total control of her powers through love, and the salvation of the kingdom of Arendelle.

Quite notably, however, Anna has exhibited examples of above-average physical strength, and has proven herself to be quite powerful in this regard; she doesn't seem to notice, as she has accidentally caused physical pain to characters such as Kristoff when she nonchalantly threw a bag of carrots to the mountain man, but with far more force than intended and Olaf when she made an attempt to gently insert his carrot nose onto his face, only to jab it in forcefully and giving the snowman a "head rush" by mistake as a result of underestimating her own strength.

During "For the First Time in Forever", she was seen dancing with and subsequently flinging a bust with ease.

During a wolf attack, she held her own, using Kristoff's lute to smack one of the wolves away from the sled - which had brutal results for the wolf.

The most noteworthy example of Anna's physical capacity is perhaps following the climax of the film, where the princess punched the traitorous Prince Hans off a ship, with a substantial amount of force strong enough to send the prince flying off of his feet.

In addition to her physical strength, Anna is also shown to be considerably fast and agile. She was also able to outmaneuver the Earth Giants.

Anna also has an incredible amount of endurance in harsh winter conditions, as she was able to navigate through post-blizzard terrains with a simple cloak and ball gown for over twenty-four hours or so, without too much negative effect other than some initial discomfort towards the unexpected cold.

Following the purchase of her winter gear, she seemed entirely unaffected by the weather and only fell into the danger of freezing to death due to the frozen curse accidentally placed upon her heart by Elsa in the midst of her journey, as its power froze the princess from the inside out.

As a young child she was also unaffected by the snow figures she and Elsa played with in the enchanted forest she made with her ice magic barefoot, no less.

At a young age, at Anna's behest, she and Elsa would spend much of their time using the latter's powers for their own enjoyment, against their parents' wishes.

This was after telling the girls the story about the Northundrea. One night, Anna suggested they build a snowman, to which Elsa agrees.

The sisters head into the castle's throne room and create a winter field of snow; during their playdate, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the head with her magic, rendering her unconscious and turning a streak of her hair platinum blonde.

Iduna and Agnarr travel with their daughters to the Valley of the Living Rock , where they request the assistance of magical trolls led by a shaman named Pabbie.

Pabbie is able to save Anna by cleansing her body of all magic, including memories of magic. Though this leaves Anna with no recollection of Elsa's powers, Agnarr declares that it's for the best.

Pabbie advises that the royal family take precaution with Elsa's powers as they can be extremely dangerous if not controlled.

For the safety of his daughters and people, Agnarr forces Elsa into isolation by closing off the castle and separating her from Anna, who remains oblivious as to why life in the castle has changed.

Over the years, Anna makes repeated attempts to reach out to Elsa, but to no avail. To keep herself occupied in spite of her loneliness, Anna would spend most of her time running through the castle halls and talking to paintings.

During Anna and Elsa's teenage years, Agnarr and Iduna lost their lives at sea when their ship was struck by monstrous waves.

The news devastated Anna, who attended her parents' funeral alone. With no family left besides her sister, Anna made another attempt to reconnect with Elsa to no response.

With Elsa refusing to leave her room due to the instability of her powers, both sisters were forced to cope with the loss of their parents, alone.

Three years later, Elsa had finally come of age and is ready to be crowned Queen of Arendelle. To celebrate the occasion, the windows, doors, and gates of the castle were opened for the first time in years.

Foreign dignitaries were also invited to the festivities, with such kingdoms as the Southern Isles and Weselton sending representatives in honor of their countries.

An excitable Anna sees this as an opportunity to explore the outside world and find the companionship she has been devoid of for years, preferably, in the form of "true love.

Suddenly, she bumps into a horse owned by the dashing Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. Though initially angered by the clumsiness of the stranger, Anna quickly becomes smitten with Hans's charm and good looks.

After introducing themselves, Anna and Hans become acquainted, and apparently hit it off, only to be interrupted by the coronation bells.

At the chapel , Anna stands by her sister's side during the crowning where she shares a cute wave with Hans. Afterwards, a ball is held in honor of the new queen.

Anna and Elsa stand side by side in the ballroom, watching over the crowd. To Anna's surprise and delight, Elsa initiates a conversation, allowing the sisters to bond for the first time in years.

They are interrupted by their steward Kai , who introduces the snide Duke of Weselton. When the Duke offers Elsa her first dance as queen, Elsa mischievously volunteers Anna instead.

Anna is dragged onto the dancefloor, where she is subjected to the Duke's over-the-top dance skills, much to Elsa's amusement.

Afterward, Anna and Elsa laugh about the matter, with Anna openly wishing their lives could always be carefree. With regret, Elsa declares that it cannot, but refuses to explain why.

Feeling rejected, Anna excuses herself from the party. Anna looking in confusion and shock as Elsa flees the ballroom as a result of her powers being revealed.

As she walks off, Anna bumps into Hans once again, who takes the princess out on a romantic date around the city.

During which, Anna falls in love with Hans, and the night ends with a proposal from Hans. Anna immediately agrees, and the newly engaged couple return to the ballroom to ask for Elsa's blessing.

Elsa refuses, telling Anna that she can't marry a stranger. This leads to a heated argument between the sisters, which climaxes with Anna questioning why Elsa coldly shuts out her family and the world.

Anna's prying triggers Elsa's anxieties, causing the queen to inadvertently unleash her powers upon Anna and their guests. Horrified by what she's done, Elsa flees the ballroom.

Despite her confusion, Anna follows behind in an attempt to stop her sister. Elsa manages to escape into the fjords and unknowingly places a curse that traps Arendelle in an eternal winter.

As snow flurries fill the sky, the Duke of Weselton goes into panic, exclaiming that Elsa must be apprehended.

Claiming responsibility for Elsa's departure and the curse, Anna makes it her mission to find Elsa and save the kingdom.

With Hans in charge in her absence, Anna leaves the castle on horseback in search of her sister. Hours later, Anna loses her horse in the middle of the woods and accidentally ruins her clothes by falling into freezing water.

Fortunately, she stumbles upon a humble establishment owned by the equally humble Oaken , who happens to have one winter outfit in stock.

Just as she's about to purchase her new outfit, a rugged mountain man named Kristoff arrives and tells Oaken that the source of the harsh weather is the North Mountain.

Anna deduces that Elsa is somewhere along the North Mountain, but before she can get more information, Kristoff is booted from the shop for insulting Oaken.

Anna pays for Kristoff's unpaid gear to coerce the mountain man into guiding her to the North Mountain. Though reluctant at first, Kristoff eventually agrees his reindeer.

Anna loads up with Kristoff and his reindeer sidekick, Sven , and the trio embark on their quest to find Elsa that same night.

Along the way, Kristoff inquires Elsa's reasoning for covering the land in eternal winter, and Anna explains the situation with Hans.

The cynical Kristoff calls Anna out, finding it ridiculous that she became engaged to someone she met that day. Before their conversation continues, however, the trio are attacked by savage wolves.

Fortunately, they're able to escape the pack, but the only bit of cargo to make it out of the chaos are Sven's carrots.

Kristoff's sled , and most of everything in it was destroyed. Feeling guilty, Anna offers him a new sled and gear, and allows him to return home if he so chooses.

Knowing Anna would die on her own, Kristoff and Sven choose to stick by her side, much to Anna's relief. By the time morning hits, Kristoff starts to doubt Elsa's morality, but Anna remains confident that Elsa will end the winter.

Sie schrieben den Song Let it go und stellten Elsa als eine missverstandene und verletzliche Person dar. Jedoch this web page auf einmal die Bewohner Arendelles das Gelände, um ihren abendkleider 2019 Weihnachtstraditionen nachzugehen und es kommt letztendlich niemand auf ihre Party. Ihre Haare sind halboffen frisiert. Das erinnert Anna daran, wie es war, als sie die letzten dreizehn Jahre getrennt von ihrer Schwester leben musste und wird ebenfalls traurig. Olaf bekommt dies mit und möchte die beiden aufmuntern und macht sich games of thrones staffel 7 zusammen mit Sven click at this page anna frozen Suche nach Weihnachtstraditionen. Elsa bricht in Tränen aus und fällt vor dem gefrorenen Körper ihrer Schwester zusammen. Die Filmemacher kämpften darum, das Herz des Films durch diese Version zu movei4k, und fanden es schwierig, eine glaubwürdige und einnehmende Beziehung zwischen den beiden weiblichen Hauptdarstellern zu haben, wenn sie wirklich nichts zu tun haben. British Academy Film Awards Elsa erzählt Olaf, dass er sie zusammengebracht und in Kontakt gehalten hat, als sie getrennt waren. Obwohl Anna anfangs die Situation als unangenehm und unangenehm empfindet, findet sie Freude daran, Kristoffs versteckte Charakterzüge anna frozen zulernen. Neun Lieder gehören dem offiziellen Soundtrack an: [8] [9]. Diese bleibt aber hartnäckig. Elsa bricht das Eis und startet mit Anna eine Unterhaltung. Zehn Jahre später verunglücken click Eltern bei einem schweren Sturm auf hoher See tödlich. März [6]. Entsetzt von dem, was sie getan hat und der Reaktion, die sie erhält, flieht Elsa aus dem Ballsaal. Anna und Hans verbringen den Abend damit, sich kennen zulernen und herauszufinden, pokemon staffeln sie von Interessen bis zu Geschwisterbeziehungen viel anna frozen haben. Währenddessen kommt Olaf bei Anna an und read more erfolgreich ein Feuer im Kamin an. Als Rachel ticotin Anna in diesem Zustand sieht, bricht sie in Tränen aus und umarmt sie. Nachdem die Krönung begonnen hat und Elsa offiziell zur Königin wurde, wird in dieser Nacht ein Ball zu ihren Ehren gehalten. anna frozen

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